Welcome to the Global Classroom Newspaper wiki

  • What special events does your school celebrate? This could be a sporting event, a pageant, a concert, a religious event, a dance, a fair etc.

  • Participating classes will use a Google Newspaper Template to write their own newspaper.

  • Each class can choose how many pages their newspaper will be.

  • Classes can divide into groups and create content about extra curricular events held at their school.

  • Goal of this project

  • To give students an opportunity to write about real world events in their community

  • To connect, collaborate and communicate

  • To create a newspaper that will tell a story about their own culture and environment.

  • To write for an audience beyond their classroom walls.

Here are links to templates in Google Docs. Choose one to suite your age group.

Elementary Newspaper Template Page 1
Elementary Newspaper Template Page 2
Blank Newspaper Template

You are welcome to create your own template and save it in Google docs. This means all newspapers can be linked to the wiki and read by participating classes.

If you use one of the templates above please save it with a new name to avoid classes overwriting your news.

It is also possible for more than one class to collaborate on a single newspaper.

Be sure to share your newspaper (see the blue "share"button on the top right. It should be shared so that anyone with the link can view.)

When your newspaper is complete please link it to the page here. Add a country flag, the name of your school and the country. Please indicate the age group.

Queries can be forwarded to Brenda Hallowes